The coffee industry is feeling the effects of the current state of the world. Between climate change and conflicts, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought on new challenges to the coffee industry. It’s seeing increases as high as 30% in coffee beans and taking hits in other areas. In Brazil, farmers haven’t seen a drought this bad in years. In Colombia, farmers have seen a drastic drop-in day to day production due to political conflicts. In Vietnam, the pandemic has made it more costly to ship from location to location. Africa has especially felt the effects of the pandemic. Coffee production for this country has dropped 77% and farmers have to borrow money to make ends meet. The truth is, the coffee industry is suffering greatly. It is undoubtedly a tough time but we will get through it.

One thing us as consumers have to keep in mind as prices increase is the process the coffee bean has to go through, from start to finish. The pandemic has definitely opened our eyes and changed the way we drink coffee and has made us appreciate the process even more.

 Side note: Although we only sell Colombian coffee, we wanted to give you a landscape of the world of coffee.